OOUXer Manifesto

Every good movement needs a manifesto. And have no doubt—this IS a movement. We are revolutionizing the way digital environments are built . . . and more and more, digital environments are our world. We are here to make those environments more intuitive and humane. And we are here to make the process for getting them to our users more collaborative and fun.

So, I want to share with you our "work-in-progress OOUXer Manifesto," a list we are working on together that describes what it  means to work in an object-oriented way.


Superstar IA, BA, facilitator

Is known as a superstar UX practitioner: a blend of Information Architect, Business Analyst, Stakeholder Whisper, and Facilitator Extraordinaire.


Just enough design up front

Proves the value of “just-enough design up-front”— in collaboration with developers, the business, and users.


Complexity tackled early

Prevents expensive, late-in-the-game pivots by expertly exposing and clarifying complexity early in the process.


Makes IA fun

Make participating in IA not only feel incredibly effective, but also fun and game-like.


Level playing field for innovation

Creates a healthy, level playing field for innovate ideas and solutions.


Resists design by committee

Facilitates true, cross-functional, and focused collaboration. Resists haphazard design by committee.


Working sessions

Leads working sessions, not wasteful meetings.


Strategic iteration

Leads teams toward strategic iteration, while fighting myopic feature-by-feature iteration that results in messy products.


Respect the brain

Believes it’s inhumane and unethical to create technology that doesn't respect the natural functioning of the human brain.


Confident usability testing

Feels confident going into usability testing, knowing the design is directly derived from user research, the user’s mental model, and cognitive science best practices.


Long term change

Designs strong foundations for systemic, long-term product transformation.


Scaleable and future proof UX

Launches scalable, sustainable, future-proof UX.


Creates a seat at the table

Stops wishing for a seat at the table and creates it—by being so damn effective.


Bring it on to complexity

Doesn’t shy away from complexity. Confidently says: “Bring it ON!”


Less messy process

Fosters a UX process that is less stressful, less messy, less guessy—collaboratively creating clarity from chaos.