Certified OOUX Strategists are formally and rigorously trained in Object-Oriented UX methodologies and the ORCA process for analyzing objects, relationships, calls-to-action, and attributes. They strategize and design complex digital systems  to be naturally intuitive. If you would like to know more about what it means to be an OOUXer in the workplace, check out the OOUXer Manifesto. It's what we are all striving toward and OOUX helps us get closer to these goals.

Become an OOUX Strategist

OOUX Leadership

These strategists are the mentors and moderators within our community. They provide guidance and support to those learning OOUX.

The Latest Cohort

Say hello to our most recently Certified OOUX Strategists! Cohort 4 trained in the latest OOUX practices March-May 2021. Final testing is happening now, so look here for the graduates to appear as final exam results come in!