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The most comprehensive online course I've ever taken

Wow! This has been the most comprehensive online course I've ever taken. We cut through so much ambiguity throughout the course -- both in theory and practice. This course helps you find complexity in your product sooner and address it head-on -- instead of ignoring it, not knowing about it, or not addressing it until it's live. Sophia has given me the language and process to communicate with stakeholders, clients, and other designers so that we're intentionally designing products together.

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UX Portfolio Power Play

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Amanda Worthington
UX and Web Design Consultant

This six-week course will take your portfolio from incomplete, hot mess, or cookie cutter, to confident, clear, and uniquely you! Learn to set yourself up for success so that you can continuously update your portfolio without having crisis moments down the road. Say buh-bye to overhauling your website every 3-6 months and hello to sustainable design! ENROLLMENT IS NOW OPEN!

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