UX Designer at Azul Arc

and Certified OOUX Strategist

IA, IxD, Systems Thinking, Usability, EdTech

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This course hit the nail on the head

I was looking for a framework that could help with understanding and structuring complexity, and this course hit the nail on the head! I know where to start and understand all of the necessary steps for how to build a solid foundation when designing. This framework has such significant implications for both users and designers and can apply to how people learn in general. I can't wait to start incorporating it and see the benefits play out in the real world!

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Designing an iOS App for Brooklyn Cat Cafe

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Lisa Lombardi
UX Designer at Azul Arc

A Brooklyn Cat Cafe needed a mobile app to help cat adopters find great matches and increase the number of adoptions, plus consolidate the many tools they use into one app. Follow along with this fun and comprehensive case study as Lisa wields OOUX to unite hopeful kitties with their forever homes.



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